Problem Solving GIT Error Setting Certificate Verify Locations

Fortunately the Git command line supports this command

//To Clone existing repository project

git clone

// To Push/transfer/copy changing modified local repository to master project

git push someproject.git

But, sometimes we found error like below. I got  this error when I tried clone our repo master into my Windows desktop:

error: error setting certificate verify locations:
CAfile: /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt
CApath: none

while accessing

That problem seems to occur because of wrong path location of curl-ca-bundle.crt. Git assume that file is in /bin directory, whereas the correct location in windows is C:\Program Files\Git\bin\. So, we can solve this error with several approaches:

  1. Copy C:\Program Files\Git\bin\curl-ca-bundle.crt to c:\bin\curl-ca-bundle.crt
  2. Set http.sslcainfo to the absolute path of the curl-ca-bundle.crt file in your msysGit install’s bin folder
    git config --system http.sslcainfo \bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt
  3. Disable ssl verification
    git config --global http.sslverify "false"
  4. Using this command
      git clone

If there is a http proxy we can set the proxy via the following command:

git config --global http.proxy http://proxy:8080
// To check the proxy settings
git config --get http.proxy

Thax to Mr Leonardo S.

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